Meet the Staff of Velocity Auto Sales

Cory - Business Manager


Cory is passionate about shoes! It is rumored that he owns more than 200 pairs of Nike Air Jordan's, all of which are kept neatly in original boxes. The Wahlen family are currently seeking a home with a larger wardrobe.

Stephen - Business Manager


Raised on the super spud yielding lands of Washington, Stephen really belongs along a manicured coastline. His affinity for water has meant that Steve has become like a fish out of water here in the high desert. Stephen feeds his passion by building exotic water features and zen gardens.

Josh - Sales Professional


Josh is a serious food connoisseur that makes the most of a $5 daily lunch budget. Legendary at putting together lavished meals using nothing but dollar menus, he is often consulted with by other employees. Josh is currently completing his novel titled "How to Make the Most Out of a $5 Lunch Budget".

Ty - Sales Professional

CELL (208) 221-5110 -

Physically daunting and born in a wrestlers body, Ty is actually a big softy. With his love of poetry, pottery and floral designs, Ty can be found on most Sundays frequenting farmers markets and botanical gardens.

Jayson - Sales Professional

CELL (801) 787-4744 -

Built like a mini Hulk, Arnold Shwaznagger has nothing on Jayson. This guy can throw small trucks over picket fences and when he is not being a menace, he mixes protein shakes and plays with large cats.

Mitch - Sales Professional

CELL (801) 647-5140 -

There has never been anyone as misplaced as Mitch Baker. A goofy footed surfer in a previous life, Mitch is more suited to the golden sandy beaches of some obscure island. Spend 5 minutes with Mitch and you will understand the diversity of the word "dude".

Efrain - Sales Professional

CELL (801) 221-8235 -

Efrain has yet to discover the meaning of time. To him 9am opening means awake at 9am. 9pm closing time means feet up on the couch munching on a burrito at 9pm. Despite his unmanageable scheduling we still love this former Dove soap hand model.

David - Business Manager


WARNING: Do not make loud noises, make eye contact or feed after midnight. This is the warning label that came with David when he joined our team.

Scott - Sales Professional

CELL (801) 830-5001 -

Is it a coincidence that Scott makes amazing chicken? That he wears white suits whenever possible? What about the briefcase embossed with "finger licking good" and "Secret blend of 11 herbs & spices" that he never lets out of his sight? We don't think its a coincidence either, the Colonel lives!

Ryan - Sales Professional

CELL (801) 631-8442 -

When Ryan isn't dreaming about Caribbean Islands, raw seafood or ancient shipwrecks he can be found shredding up local ski resorts or playing with paper. Yes, we agree, he is a contradiction. Who else has 4 kids and drives a sports car or sell's vehicles wearing basketball boots? As fascinating as Ryan's life is, he was recently approached by Bravo for a new reality TV show in which he turned down because he really dislikes reality.